Sam Zherka and his quadruplet sons

Sam Zherka and his quadruplet sons

Sam Zherka is a proud father and son, husband, businessman, and humanitarian. This Bronx native has eight children, five boys and three girls, including quadruplet boys. A highly active member of his community, Sam continues to live the legacy of his parents, Albanian refugees who have survived tyranny, oppression and discrimination.

From his humble beginnings growing up working alongside his father doing building maintenance, and starting his first paid job at the age of 11 washing dishes at Sal’s Pizza on 206th Street in the Bronx, Sam Zherka has traveled a long road to success in building real estate portfolios totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in value. Sam’s personal story is testament that perseverance, passion, and work ethic are key ingredients to limitless success.

For decades Sam Zherka has been an active member of his community in ways that extend far beyond the real estate world. He is always looking for ways to utilize his own success in order to protect, preserve, and further the success of others. Sam’s father would always impress upon him that “whenever you see something bad happening to your neighbor, you can’t think that it won’t happen to you. You must confront bad things before the bad guys come knocking on your own door.” Now as a bona fide entrepreneur who wrote his own success story, Sam aims to support others however he can, from mentoring young people to providing local employment to volunteering at humanitarian organizations. He is especially interested in serving and protecting underprivileged individuals who might never otherwise realize their potential. Summed up by Sam’s good friend Andrew Fernandez: “I have had the pleasure of knowing Sam for the last 19 years, but Sam has been a pillar in his Bronx community for much longer than that.”

Sam Zherka has raised money for the homeless, contributing to soup kitchens, the non-profit organization Toys for Tots. One of his favorite charitable experiences is the time he not only bought toys for children in medical facilities, but also had the personal opportunity to dress up as Santa Claus and hand out gifts to the children.

Sam has not only donated to charitable organizations, but also assisted many in need on an individual basis, including providing homeless individuals with free housing via his affiliated apartment buildings and responding to the call of literal strangers who have reached out in need for financial assistance.

Sam Zherka resides in New York with his wife and their eight children. He balances his consulting and humanitarian work with mentoring his children in business.

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