Bill Gates Donates $100 Million to Help Find a Cure For Alzheimer’s

There is no question that Bill Gates is one brilliant individual. Fortunately, if there is one by-product from a man that has made billions it would be the fact that he is actually one generous person. His latest useful endeavor is to donate $100 million towards research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. It goes […]

4 NYC-Based Nonprofits You Can Support During the Holidays

‘Tis the season for good tidings and gift giving! And while many presents will surely be exchanged between friends and family, it’s also good to give to those in need. New York City has no shortage of nonprofits dedicated to just about any cause including; food and shelter for at-risk youth, environmental preservation, and promoting […]

Being A Role Model Through Community Service

For many of us when we were growing up, there was always someone we looked up to as a hero or role model. If you were a sports fan, chances are it was your favorite athlete. If you were into music, it was probably a singer. And for others, it may have been police officers […]

Why Soup Kitchens Matter

Homelessness and food insecurity levels are continually on the rise. Though this is a tragic time for many, communities have shown their support in helping those in need. Before we get into why soup kitchens (or as they’re more commonly referred to nowadays as ‘meal programs’) are crucial to our society, we’ll give a brief […]

Being a Role Model

Getting involved in your community is something that should take place as often as possible. There are many organizations that need support and volunteers on a daily basis. This being said, many people find it challenging to choose an organization to help, let alone the time. Something that I have found is that you don’t […]

Organization Spotlight: Toys For Tots

Toys for Tots is an organization that I have supported for many years both through donations as well as volunteering to deliver the toys myself to children in need. One of my favorite charitable experiences was having the opportunity to deliver toys to children in medical facilities dressed up in a Santa costume. They are […]

Don’t Just Donate, DO!

Helping others is one of the most rewarding experiences a human can encounter. Knowing that your efforts are supporting someone in need is what helps to keep spirits lifted around the world. Many people choose to support causes by donating through monetary means. While this is still a crucial part of helping nonprofits to thrive, […]

Corporate Philanthropy: Why it Matters

In our professional lives, we often get lost in our work and our daily tasks. Life seems to be happening around us while we are working diligently for our respective companies. A growing trend among organizations is the idea of incorporating volunteering into people’s work life. Corporate charity work is an excellent way to get […]

Health Benefits of Philanthropy

Giving back and volunteering provides help beyond compare to the community in need. People who spend their free time partaking in community service projects are giving other a second chance and hope for a better future. It may come as a surprise to many that acts of philanthropy are actually beneficial to the health of […]

Ways To Get Involved In Your Community

Supporting your community in whatever way you can and helping others is truly a great thing. Being an active member of my community I have mentored young people, been involved with humanitarian organizations, and provided local employment and housing. I can’t impress enough the importance of staying involved in the place you are living and […]

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