In our professional lives, we often get lost in our work and our daily tasks. Life seems to be happening around us while we are working diligently for our respective companies. A growing trend among organizations is the idea of incorporating volunteering into people’s work life. Corporate charity work is an excellent way to get people involved in their community and to help boost company morale.


For those who work full-time jobs it can be hard to find time to volunteer. Often people will use their weekends and evenings to do things such as grocery shop or spend time with loved ones. With the incorporation of volunteering through work, people will then have the time and resources to help their community. When companies send teams to volunteer during work hours they have the opportunity to get free advertising. For example, if a team went to participate in an event and were wearing or giving out company gear, they could be sparking the interest of a future employee. Of course, getting the word out that your organization is helping in the community, never hurts from a PR perspective.


Giving back also helps to set a good example as a leader. If you are in a leadership role at your company and you should be out doing the same charitable work as your employees. This can shows them and your colleagues your integrity. Millennials are especially inclined to partake in philanthropic events. Many college organizations participate in community service and upon graduating most young professionals want their charitable acts to continue.


While those in need will be the ones that you are truly helping, there are great benefits for your team as well. One of the greatest aspects that volunteering provides your team with, is pride. Those who represent their company at a charity event will often feel proud to be representing and doing good. Getting out of the office and working with those who you may not interact with on a regular basis can help to boost morale. Volunteering is something that employees can look forward to. For those with office jobs, it can be a nice change to get out for the day to do something that is going to benefit those in need.


Helping people who are less fortunate is something most people have the desire to do. When they can do it with their co-workers and represented their company, the benefits of giving back increase greatly. If your company doesn’t partake in corporate volunteering opportunities, you should stand up and be the voice that guides them to start!