Giving back and volunteering provides help beyond compare to the community in need. People who spend their free time partaking in community service projects are giving other a second chance and hope for a better future. It may come as a surprise to many that acts of philanthropy are actually beneficial to the health of the volunteer. Both mental and physical health are positively impacted when we partake in giving back. Here are just a few of the ways that our bodies happily take on the responsibility of giving back.


Physical Benefits


For many, giving back comes in the form of donation. While giving money or supplies is a great way to provide support, physical acts of community service are where health benefits arise. Obvious forms of health-promoting charity come in the form of donation based walks or runs. Although money is still a factor in these situations, it is a simple way to support an organization or cause while helping your own well-being. Other means of giving include running supply drives, which physically endures us as well.


Those who partake in physical acts of philanthropy have seen decreases in previous diagnosis’. A study done among those who volunteer showed lower mortality rates. Additionally blood pressure rates dropped as a result of giving back. For people who typically limit their physical activity, volunteering gives a reason to get moving and get their heart pumping.


Mental Benefits


When it comes to giving back there is a phrase often used called the “happiness effect”. Often compared to the feeling of accomplishment after a workout, The Happiness Effect is seen in many who give back to their community. Making others happy is often contagious and gives us a positive feeling or emotion. When interacting with other volunteers and those in need, our social skills are being put to use in more than one way. Building a support system no matter what side you are on has proven to decrease and even eliminate the chance of depression.


Volunteering provides many with a sense of purpose. Having a sense of purpose gives many people the self-confidence they may be lacking in life. When you immerse yourself in the community that you are helping it often sparks a feeling of gratitude and awareness. Upon finishing community service, people often return to their lives feeling humble. These experiences can often relieve stress for many. As we all go about our daily lives, it is sometimes hard to remain calm and relaxed. But after an eye-opening charity event, many find themselves stress-free and more appreciative of the life they have.


Supporting your community through philanthropy can be one of the most rewarding experiences a person can endure. Whether you are in it for the bettering of someone else’s life or your own, it is important to remember the true impact philanthropy can have.