Being able to motivate and inspire others is something that truly drives me. Every person has it in them to achieve the ultimate success, however often they do not unlock their full potential because society has told them not to or they have failed at one thing and have given up. I know how important it is to mentor and to help people reclaim their lives and their futures and realize they can reach those dreams.

Keep You Motivated

A mentor can help keep you motivated even when you are feeling like you can’t achieve your goal or reach your dreams. Getting advice from someone who has been in your position before and is now living the life you wish can be extremely inspiring especially when you know they have your back. Achieving my dreams, I know that my personal success just isn’t enough, but also being able to motivate others and give back is important. I not only mentor my kids in business, but also help others in need and help them to realize their potential and give them the necessary tools they need in order to do that. Having someone that pushes you to achieve your goals as well as gives you the tools to do so is very important:

“The Zherka’s gave me a roof over my head and fed me as if I was part of their family.” said Emilio Delija, who Sam took in when he had nowhere else to go. He provided Emilio a roof over his head and the tools needed to get back on his feet, he is now an owner of two restaurants.

Get Invaluable Advice and Relationships

A mentor has been where you have been and knows what steps they took to get where they are today and knows how to advise you to also take those steps and get you closer to your goals. I know how important it is to install good work ethic and values young, like my father did for me, so I do the same for my children. Mentoring young people gives them enhanced self-esteem, better attitude about school, and healthier relationships and life choices. Having a mentor, especially when you are young and just starting out, allows you to soak in all of the advice you can and create key relationships in the industry you want to go in.

Mentoring and having a mentor is a mutually beneficial relationship. Being able to give back to others is a huge motivator for me and I not only want to see personal success for myself but also see others succeed and help them reach their goals as well.